Welcome to our Original Paperdolls.
We no longer sell paperdolls, and the only paperdolls available for free are so marked.

~~ NEW ~~
Now You Can Order Our Custom-Made One-Of-A-Kind Paperdoll Sets
to Commemorate your Hitty Gathering!

~~ NEW ~~

Hitty Serenity, Camp Week 2004, 2-sheet set--sorry, this set is retired.  
Hitty Serenity, Camp Week 2005, 2-sheet set
Hitty Serenity, Quilt Camp 2004
Hitty Serenity, Happy Birthday, Hitty! 2005
Hitty Gertrude Bell, a Hittygirls Travel Doll FREE! Click the Image
Hitty Mary Jane at the 2004 Williamsburg, VA Hitty Reunion
Hitty Mary Jane, Happy Halloween, 2004
Hitty Mary Jane, Single Paperdoll with Nighty 
Hitty Serenity, Camp Week 2006, 2-sheet set
Hitty Lottie A Free Paperdoll to Print Out and Play With!
Tottie, our Free Peg Wooden Paperdoll to Print Out and Play With!
Mrs. Plum, Head of Household for the Ash Grove Academy Free