Let Julie Old Crow create a custom Paper Doll Set for you!
Are you hosting a Hitty Get-together? Planning a Dolly Party? Organizing a Gathering?
Whatever you are planning, let us create a custom paperdoll set for your souvenir.

See some of the Paper Dolls we have created.

We will take our Hitty Paperdoll blank and create a custom Hitty or Hitty Friend for your next gathering. You let us know the theme ( a Trip to Cranberry Island, Hitty's Quilt Show, etc) and give us a few suggestions if you have some ideas, and we will create a one of a kind Paperdoll set for you. These one-page sets are perfect to give to the Hitty guests, or to commemorate an important Hitty event in your Hitty Home, or even to sell at your event. We can create a special set from our Paperdoll Blank OR a special Photo-Paperdoll from your Hitty.

 You are responsible for getting permission to create a paperdoll from 
a liscenced character.  (Such as, Barbie, LeeAnn, etc)
I cannot create a paperdoll without this pemission.

Of course, no permission is needed for creating a paperdoll from your personal Hitty,
or to use a Hitty blank to get a OOAK Paperdoll.

Or--how this works!

How much does this cost? The fee for my work is $55.00 per set. If you have already purchased a set from me and wish to have a different set, featuring the same Paper Doll, the fee is $25.00 per set.

What is a 'set'?  A set is a one-page paperdoll with as many outfits as space permits.  The fee is  $55.00 for the first page, and $25.00 for each additional page.

What do I get for my fee? A CD with a custom-designed Paper Doll set.

What is a photo-paperdoll? This is a paperdoll created from a photograph. I need a clear, front view photo of your Hitty with no clothes on (scans are fine). Then I will create a paperdoll of her, complete with my computer-designed outfits and accessories. (See the Hittygirls Hitty Gertrude Bell set to get a better idea.)

Do you print out the Paperdolls? No, I send you the CD, and you print out as many sets as you need, as often as you need them.  You are not limited to printing them for one event.

Can you print them for me as my printer is not very good? No, sorry--I only sell the CD with the Paperdoll set.

What if I see your final version, and want to make some changes? I'm sorry--I permit no changes once the final set is produced. But! Until it is ready, you can ask for any special items or suggest outfits. I strongly suggest sending me a pencil drawing of how you envision the final set, if you have an idea. You should have a title in mind ( Betsy at the Ocean, or Amelia's Pet Party, etc.) 

I can't draw! That's ok--just a suggestion of what you would like is sufficient.

Can you put information on the page? I suggest keeping info to a minimum, but do like to see a one-line tag under the title that has a date and the name of your gathering (2006 Camp Paperdoll, 2006 Trip to the Ocean Adventure, etc.). Make your set special! However,  if you need extra info, that can certainly  be placed on the page.

But what if I don't like your final version? You are under no obligation to purchase the final set. If you choose not to purchase the final set I will be free to sell any components of it elsewhere.

Who owns the final set? All rights to the final set stay with me. I am free to use any part of the set for another purpose--advertisement, etc. I will not ever resell your complete set. You have the right to print and distribute as many copies of your set, in any way you wish.

It seems like $55.00 is a lot for drawing a few outfits. Can you reduce the price? Sorry, no. Each set takes a minimum of 22 hours and often longer to design and perfect the outfits and accessories, as well as create a pose for your paperdoll.

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