Yes, she can!

In 1977, with the birth of my first child, I started a tradition of making a new Christmas stocking every year. As the years went by and I had more children, I made more stockings. Then, the children started to marry, and I added the spouses. And, as it will happen, grandchildren trickled in! It got to be quite a lot of stockings to make and fill.

Last year, we copied my sister and adopted a new policy for stockings--we decided to exchange names and fill one stocking each, instead of me filling all of them. This is a lot of fun (and a LOT less work!), and I was gloating over the fact that I wouldn't have to make and fill nine stockings, when my oldest daughter said "But Mom, you're still going to make our stockings, right?"

Well, of course I was. Didn't I always? Then I realized that I had to make 9 for kids. spouses, and grandkids, plus two more--one for me and one for their dad. Ok--making eleven stockings is still better than making and filling nine.

I squeaked in under the wire last year, with 11 knitted stockings. This year, I plan to sew some and knit some...but will I make it? You can track my progress here as I stumble my way to 11 finished stockings!

Note--9/29/06: My Daughter just informed me that, since she has had her current boyfriend for ten months, I have to make HIM a stocking, too! So, the count is now up to twelve. Sigh. Just when I thought I was making good time.

How Many Days Does She Have Left?

I'm teaching a stocking class with my sister, Bobbi, this next weekend, and since I had to make class samples, I figure I'm already three ahead! This was a fantastically easy method, and the stockings are really cute. Perfect to show off that favorite fat quarter. Three down, and eight to go.

I have a knitted stocking with green, purple, and red stripes on the needles right now. I started it last Wednesday when I had to sit for two hours at the hair dresser's while my youngest daughter had her beautiful curls straightened. I have the cuff and about seven inches of leg knitted, and am ready to begin the heel. Oh, the dreaded heel. Have I ever mentioned before just how much I detest heels?


I knitted the dumb heel according to the dumb instructions. Enough said? I am on the decrease toe part now, so pictures will be coming!
I need to find a different heel pattern, because this one just was not the shape I want. And what is psso anyway? Ok, ok. I know what it is. But how is it different from a slst? Oh, sigh. I think it means that I am supposed to pass the (previously) slipped stitch over. So that's what I did.


I bought lots more Wonder Under and more felt, so stay tuned for more stitched stockings! The buying is the easy part. Our class was cancelled due to a family emergency, so I have the whole day free now to go to my Mom's--but I will most likely knit today!


Woo-hoo! Off the needles and done! I was not particularly pleased with the heel, and the toe could have had a few more rows in it. But other than that, I like it!


I searched through my work log until I found last year's notes on the Christmas stockings, and found where I had developed my own heel. I have another stocking on the needles already, and plan to use my heel pattern. This one is a stocking I did last year, where the stripes spiral down. It's a really easy to make pattern, and so pretty when done! This one is in Hufflepuff colors of yellow and black. The cuff on this stocking has a K1, P1 pattern, just for something different.

Want the Pattern? Click Here!

Another stocking is on the needles. This one is stripes up and down. In the works!

Finished another one! I plan to try a knitted sampler stocking next, but am taking a brief break to work on some applique for my youngest grand-daughter's Christmas Quilt.

I'm taking a breather from knitting the stockings, and just cast another Harry Potter scarf on my needles. I know--I said never, ever again would I do the adult....but how can I help it? They are so cool.

In the meantime, I made three little pet stockings. I hadn't intended on making them, but the fabric I had prepared for a regular stocking proved to be an half in too narrow (of course!) so my sister suggested the little pet stockings instead! I managed to get three from the fabric. I was then forced (sigh) to shop for cute little pet buttons for the stockings! Oh, the pain of it all.

These are just big enough to hold a few chew toys or some treats!
Unfortunately, they don't count as my final stockings.

But these do!!! Woo-hoo!
4 More to go!
10-25-06 These stockings are just purrfect. (sorry. I could not resist>)

Three more--but these don't count, as I bought them at a Craft Fair this weekend. Sigh
These will be filled for other family members.

But these do! woo-hoo!

One stocking to go. I have one on the needles from some varigated yarn my dil gave me for my birthday, so this stocking will be mine.

I'd totally forgotten that the stockings had to be done way before Christmas, so they could be passed around to the family members to fill. sigh. Luckily, I am on my way to being totally finished!


Oh, the joy, pure delight! Done at last....until I start next year's round.



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