OK--I'm not great at Writing Knitting Patterns!
But for those of you who asked, here's my


Make this in other House colors:
Gryffindor - Maroon and Gold
Slytherin - Green and Silver
Hufflepuff - Yellow and Black
Ravenclaw - Blue and Silver


I used a circular needle, sized 10 for the main parts, and 4--db needles sized 8 for the heel and toe.
Worsted Weight Yarn in colors #1 and #2.

Cast on 40.

Cuff: row 1: k1, p1, around repeat for desired length. I did about 2 1/2".


Row 1: knit around in cuff color

Row 2: k1, inc 1, knit around in cuff color (this gives you 41 stitches)

Row 3: attach color #2 but do not cut off color #1. k2 color #1, k2 color#2, until you reach your beginning marker.

Ok--this is the part I don't know how to write down. You are knitting 2stitches of #1 and 2 stitches of #2, and you have an odd number of stitches (41) on the needles--so when you get to stitch #41 you will be changing colors--and stitch #1 on the new row will be that same color EVEN THOUGH IT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THAT COLOR BEFORE in the previous row. This is what makes the spiral. Just continue doing this k2 #1 and k2 #2 until you reach your desired leg length. I knitted this pattern for 6".

End off color #2, and work only in heel color.
Place 8 stitches before the beginning marker and 8 stitches after the beginning marker on a double-pointed needle. You will be working with these 16 stitches.

1. k across turn
2. p across
3. k3, inc 1 across (20)
4. p across
5. k across
6. p across
7. K3, inc 1 across (25)
8. p across
9. k across
10.p across
11. k3, dec 1 across (20)

12-p across
13-k3, dec 1 across
repeat 12 and 13--3 more times, ending up with 9 st on needle.

14. p across
15. k1, dec 1 across (5)
16. p1, dec 1 across (3)
pull stitches together.

On left side of heel flap, pick up 8 stitches. On right side of heel flap, pick up 7 stitches

Still using the heel color, k around with all stitches. (there should be 41) repeat this for 3-4 rows (depending on how wide you want the band to be) I switched back to the circular needle for this step.

Attach color #2 and begin pattern. again.

Repeat pattern until you have 4" or desired foot length.

switch to double pointed needles for toe.

End off color #2 and work in toe color only.
1 k1, dec 1, and then k around
2. k around
3. k around, placing markers every 8 st.
4. k around, but with a dec. stitch right before each marker.
5 + 6 k around
Repeat 5 + 6 two more times

7. k 1, dec 1 around

pull remaining stitches together and tie toe firmly

I hope this pattern is understandable. This might be the first knitting pattern I've ever tried to write!!