The 100 Somethings Challenge

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My friend, Erin, has gotten me hooked on the idea of making 100 somethings.
Erin is making 100 dresses for her Hitty.

I have chosen to make 100 Gifts.

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The first four.

Four flannel pillowcases done in Christmas prints.
These are for my three grandchildren, and my youngest daughter.


Number 5/100 is a hat, mitten, scarf set I knitted this last week.
It fits a toddler, so I sent it off with my daughter-in-law,
for her sister's one year old daughter, Destiny.


Three mini charm quilts.
Not sure where these will go! Into the gift box for now, I guess.


9-10-11-12-13-14-15/100 are done!

Seven straw hats for Hitty Olivia.

Pink Candystriped Child's Mittens

A doll-sized afghan for my friend, Louise,
who taught me to cable!

Standing a mere 1 3/4 inches tall, these two little cherry pit headed dolls were
made for my Mom and Sister this last week.

Hats for my Grand-daughters, Comet and Missile


Cableknit scarf for my daughter, Annie.
This matches her green and cream mittens I made her for Christmas.


Two Hitty charm quilts. One has already been sent to a friend, one has
been donated as a Helper to the UFDC.


Scarves to match the hoods. 25-26/100


Polymer clay guinea pigs in a cage.


Four of the dollies were used as gifts

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