My shoulderhead from Sandy E., from the Hittygirls Shoulderhead Swap!

March 2008

The shoulderhead was carved by Sandy Erikson.
The body blank is one of Sara Cole's blanks.


Here the body blank is being carved down.


I made two mistakes that I won't make again--one, I carved the body all the way down, all the way
down the body. I should have only carved down so far and left a 'shelf' to allow the shoulder head to rest on.
The second was, I didn't carve enough of the top of the body away, and they arms were way too low.
I ended up filling that all in with wood putty and redrilling the holes for the arms higher.


The arms are in a much better place now!


Next stop--arms and legs!


And then--the paint. Oh, I am both anxious to paint her, and anxious NOT to paint her.
I don't want to mess up her sweet expression!
I do wish she would let me know her name, but I suspect she is waiting for the paint to let me know.