My Auld Granny

Made for an exchange of 'ladies of a certain age' with TC Vollum
August--September 2006

Here she is after carving and first sanding, getting a first coat of varnish.
(I use Liquitex Matte Varnish for a deep, lustrous finish.)


Carved, sanded, and getting her hair.
The hair is wool tips, sent to me from TC's workshop.


The plan was, glue the hair on in a circle, and then flip it back--
and it worked!


Her hair can be worn down and still cover her entire head,
or up in a granny bun.
The bun is held in place by two hair sticks.


Here she is with her face and 'make-up' all applied.


She has had her 'girdle' painted on, and will be getting that trimmed in a day or so, whenever the varnish dries completely.
Her limbs are finished, and getting paint and or varnish today!