My Carving Lesson from Sara Cole

Sara Cole, of Sara Cole Studios, is not only a creative, talented, and generous carver, she is also my oldest daughter--so I was lucky enough to get one of her first private lessons! Following her step by step guidance, I created what might be the most beautiful Hitty I have ever carved. She carved right along side of me, showing me how she creates her beautiful Hittys.

Left: Sara's Lesson Bitty------------Right: My Hitty, #1

#1, in progress

But the big test was--could I do it again without Sara here? I feel that I had vastly improved, and although #2 is not the same as #1, I am extremely satisfied with her. I feel like my carving stopped, took a deep breath, and stepped to the left--I can only get better from here!

#1....................................................... #2
I plan to keep #1, to remind me of what I can do. #2 is destined to be a Swap Hitty.


I figure, if they look this good just roughed out, what will they
look like when sanded smooth?


#1 and #2 are carved from Sara Cole blanks.


I will probably do a bit more work on #2 (around the forehead) before sanding,
or perhaps I will sand first, and see if that smoothes out the rough spots.


#1 still needs her hair carved out, and of course, both of them need sanding.


Here you can see the before and after on the hair.
I like carving the 'roll' or 'curl' on the sides of the head,
like the Real Hitty wears. Also, I like the softer chin of #2.


After the lesson, I took a Mrs. Plum I have been working on,
and employed some of the new techniques I learned.
I just wish I had thought to take 'before' pictures,
because her mouth, nose, and eye sockets are
improved a billion percent.


The mouth is so much better than any I have been able to do so far.
I can't wait to see her sanded and smoothed out!


In these pictures, you are looking at the mouth and nose of #2, and the mouth and nose of another New Hitty I was working
on before the lesson. New Hitty has been vastly improved by the techniques Sara taught me!
Again--duh--why didn't I do 'befores'???


This is a New Hitty I had almost finished before the lesson.
I worked on her mouth, nose, and eye sockets.
She was carved from a John Atkinson blank, and will be my other Swap Hitty.

Here is the New Hitty from before the lesson, painted and dressed.