Our June 2007 Group

All of our Group have been hand carved by Julie Old Crow.
They are all painted with Liquitex Paints, and covered with multiple coats of Liquitex
Varnishes for a durable and lustrous protective coating.

Our Bitty Boy

Full of energy, we recommend this Bitty Boy go to a home where he
will be able to spend lots of time outside, running
off some of his energy!

He stands about 3 3/4" tall, and is elastic jointed for a full range of motion.
His hair is carefully applied and carved and painted wood putty.

He is able to stand on his own.
He is signed and dated, and is #2-07


Our Bitty Girl

She is sweet and loves flowers--and comes with three porcelain flowers
on her dress. Her clothing is 100% cotton, and consists of a pink dress and white pantalettes.
Her dress is removable, but is tacked shut at the neck with a few stitches.

She stands a petite 4 3/4" tall, and is elastic jointed for a full range of motion.
She wears a coral necklace, and is traditionally painted.
Her hair is carved in a sweet pageboy.

She is able to stand on her own.

She is signed and dated #1-07.


Our Full-Sized Traditional Hitty
She arrives dressed as shown, with pantalettes and a dress. Her dress
is sewn shut at the back neck, and can be removed.

She is carved of Basswood, and is traditionally peg jointed.
She stands 6 1/4" tall.

She is able to stand on her own.


My first Painted Hitty
(Not for Sale)


Our Mrs. Plum Series #2-07

She features wood putty hair, carefully applied and carved into a bun.
She is fully painted.

She has undergarments painted on, and trimmed in peach trim.
Her necklace is coral, with a real sea-shell.
She is elastic jointed so she can really take over running the Hitty Household.

She comes fully dressed, as shown.
Her apron and dress are removable
She wears cotton pantalettes under the dress.

She is able to stand on her own.