Yo-Yo Quilt


For this Project You will need:
1 Nickel (yes, a 5¢ coin!)
Tiny scraps of fabric to equal 168 nickel sized pieces
Needle and Thread

Yo-Yo quilts and yo-yo dolls were very popular in the 1920's and 30's. For one thing, frugal housewives could take the smallest scraps and make a yo-yo! To keep the yo-yo's of uniform size, cardboard templates were often used.. The yo-yos were collected and even traded at local sewing circles. Traditionally the yo-yo would be made from a 3" circle, but for our special Hitty Yo-Yo Quilt, we're going to trace around a nickel.


Step One: Trace and cut out 168 nickel-sized circles.








Step Two: With as small of a running stitch as you can manage, sew around the outer edge with about 1/8" or less seam. Pull tight, forming a puckered 'pouch'. Flatten the resulting 'pouch' (yo-yo) with your fingers so that the puckered seam is centered on the back. With a yo-yo so tiny, this can take some practice, so don't despair. Repeat with remaining 167 circles.




Step Three: Sew the yo-yos together in rows by taking two-four stitches at the touching edges. Make 14 rows of 12 yo-yos.






Sew the rows together.

Step Four: Press carefully with a hot iron. All done! Enjoy your quilt!


© 2001 Julie G. DeGroat