Hitty's Lunch--a Sub!

Subs, chips, and a cookie!

For this meal you will need:
Bread color for the rolls (I use an off-white)
Brown for the roast beef
Red for tomatoes
Green for the lettuce
Off-white for the cheese
White for the onions
Translucent for the onions and beef

Tip: you will tint the roll, so make it lighter than you need.

Drinking straw
Smaller straw or round cutter
Razor blade for cutting
Dental pick for moving small pieces
Chalk or artist pastels to tint roll
Plate (I bought poker chips!)

Matte Varnish
High Gloss Varnish

Tip: If you plan to make potato chips--mix a tiny bit of yellow
and a big piece of white until you get a good chip color.


First, cut about a 1" tube and round down the edges
until you have a sub roll shape.


Mix yellow, red, and a bit of brown coloring
to tint the roll. Apply on the edges, so it looks as
if it was just baked.

Tip: I use a razor blade to shave off a bit of the artist pastels
into a small container, and then use the paintbrush to mix
them. Just add the colors a little bit at a time until you
have the color you need. Apply with a paintbrush.


Using a razor blade or very sharp cutter, slice the roll lengthwise.
It is ok if you go too far to the back, because you can fix this.


Roll out the cheese very thin, and then cut squares.
Cut the squares corner to corner.
I know there is brown on this cheese, sigh.
I had to do it over, lol!
No brown on your cheese!

Tip: Change the cheese to Swiss by adding some tiny holes!
Or, if Provolone is your dolly's choice, make it a half circle
instead of triangular.


Carefully lay the cheese out so that it hangs over the edge.
If you intend to have it be Swiss cheese, make the holes now.
Notice that I didn't go all the way to the back of the
sub roll. You will need this room.


Mix about one marble-sized piece of the brown with a bebee sized
piece of the translucent--but not blended all the way. See the
bits of translucent in the beef? Roll very, very thin, and break
off pieces with your fingers.

Tip--if you put a bit of cornstarch on your roller, it won't stick to the clay.


Carefully lay the roast beef on, making sure not to cover the cheese.
Using a dental pick to put it in helps a lot!


Roll out some red for the tomatoes, and use a round cutter
or a drinking straw to cut them out.


Onions are easier than they look! Mix one marble-sized
piece of white with a marble-sized piece of translucent.
Roll very thin, and use a drinking straw to make the first cuts.
Then, use a cutter or a smaller straw to carefully remove the
center to make onion rings.


Add the onions to the sub.


Roll out your lettuce green, and pull off pieces as with the beef.


Add to the sub.


Carefully push the top down and over the ingredients--and if your
top and bottom were separate, use a pick or other tool to smooth the cut edges back
together. Then, cut some strips into the top roll.

Now, take your dental pick or a toothpick, and lift the onion rings, lettuce, etc,
so they aren't one flat piece.

Bake according to the directions on the clay you used.

When cool, brush the top, cheese, and beef slightly with matte varnish.
Brush the onions, tomatoes, and lettuce with a high gloss varnish.

Place on a plate.

OH! How about some chips to go with that sub?

Mix white and yellow clay until you have a good chip color.

Roll into a long rope and cut this into bebee sized pieces.
Dip your thumb and forefinger into the cornstarch, roll a piece into a ball,
flatten, and push it off your finger so it slightly curls.

You really need the cornstarch or it will just stick to your fingers.
But hey--this may be the one time in clay work when you want the fingerprints!
It creates 'ridges' in your chips!

Have fun!

We did!