Welcome to the first Tutorial for 2008!

Today it's a Rye Recipe Round-up--all the things I could think to make from my Rye Bread Mix.

Rye Bread Mix
Brown (rye colored) clay

razor blade
circle cutter

orange for cheese spread
yellow and poppy seeds for cheese ball
Sesame seeds for Cottage Loaf
Paper plates for display
matte varnish for finishing


Bake clay according to the directions on your clay package.


How to Prepare the Rye Bread Mix

Make a rather largish ball of rye colored clay,
and a small amount of real corn meal.


Flatten the clay with your fingers, and add a generous amount of cornmeal.


Start working it in with your fingers.
You are going to say--Holy Mother of Pearl! This can't be right!
But you will be wrong. It really will mix in although it feels nasty and dry.


If it doesn't look textured enough, keep adding cornmeal
and knead, knead, knead.


See? Once the cornmeal is worked in, you have a lovely, textured lump to play with.


The Projects for this Mix

Sliced Rye Bread

Form a rough oval. Shape the bottom like it came from a bread pan.


Carefully slice off slices.
If your clay is too soft to slice, try putting it into the freezer for 15 minutes.




Molasses Cookies

Roll out thin, and then use a round cutter to make the cookies.
That's it!




Nut Brownies


Roll clay rather thickish, cut into squares. Yum!




Rye Cottage Loaf

Shape into a round ball, flatten bottom, and indent to form a mushroomed loaf shape.


Add sesame seeds in a decorative pattern on the top.




Whole Wheat Crackers and Cheese


Roll thin, cut into very small squares.


With a pick or dental tool, p0ke holes in the crackers.
The cheese is simply cheese-colored yellow clay with poppy seeds kneaded into it.




Melba Toast with Cheese Spread


Form a small rectangle.


Slice thinly, and smear orange-cheese-colored clay on the top.

After you make the foods, bake according to the clay package you are using.
Brush on a thin layer of matter varnish. I did not varnish the crackers or the Melba toast,
as I think they look more real without it.