Making a Ribbon Bow for Miniature Hats

Supplies needed:
Thread and Needle
about 12" of silk ribbon

I use these to adorn the miniature hats for my dolls--but it can also be used on garments.

Thread the needle and knot it with just one thread. Pull through the end of the ribbon.


Put the needle through the ribbon 'about' 1 inch from needle.


Continue putting the needle through the ribbon.


Continue until you either reach the end of the ribbon, or the
bow is as big as you want it to be.


Pull the ribbon down onto the thread.


Pinching it between your fingers, go back and forth a few times
to keep the ribbons from slipping apart.
If you want some hanging ends of the ribbon, cut
them to desired length and sew on now.


Knot your thread and clip the threads off.


Glue your flower or other small decoration in the center of the ribbon.


Tips: You can make this fuller by using a longer length of ribbon.