The Kid-Friendly Patio Table for Dolls!

The girls try out the Patio Table. This was my plain 'working model',
but I think it would look great trimmed with lace or beads!

The Patio Set made by Pauline N.



1 dowel, at least 10" long (length can vary)
1 empty spool from thread
1 empty spool from ribbon
Paint (I used the .99 a can spray paint from Wal-Mart)
Tacky Glue
Scissors (Pinking Shears give a nice edge!)
1 Sheet of Cardstock
Trims such as ribbon, lace, beads, etc for the table.
Access to a printer for the 'umbrella'


Step One: glue the thread spool to the ribbon spool, taking care to line up the holes.


Step Two: glue a small piece of scrap paper over the end of the spool, so the dowel doesn't poke out.


Step Three: Using a computer and printer, make the umbrella. I simply drew the biggest circle that would fit on a sheet of cardstock, and then made smaller circles in it. I did this in a regular Word Office program--you don't need anything fancy to make circles! I cut it out with pinking sheers.


Step Four: Make a slit up to the very center.



Step Five: Fold the umbrella into a cone shape, and glue. How wide or how shallow you make the cone for the umbrella is up to you!


Step Six: Insert the dowel into the table unit, glue in place. When that is totally dry, paint the table and dowel. I used spray paint, and it worked just fine! When the paint is totally dry, glue the umbrella in place.


Although I didn't have any more thread spools, I think they would make nice stools for the Patio Table. I would spray paint them, and then make a 'cushion' from fabric and glue it to the top of the spool.