Baby Bee in her new dress.

You will need:

2--Size 00 Single-Pointed Knitting Needles

Crochet Cotton (I used size 50)

Darning Needle

Silk Ribbon

4--Stitch Markers


PM= place marker

RM=Remove Marker

BO=Bind Off

CO=Cast On

Stockinet St= Knit one row, Pearl one row



 Rows 1+2: K across

 Row 3: P3, PM, P2, PM, P2, PM, P2, PM, P3

 Row 4: K across, increasing Before and After each marker

 Row 5:  P across

 Row 6: K Inc row as in Row 4

 Row 7:  P across

 Row 8: K Inc row as in Row 4

 Row 9:  P across

 Row 10: K Inc row as in Row 4

 Row 11: P across

 Row 12:  K to marker, RM, BO9, RM, K to marker, RM, BO9, RM, K to end

 Row 13: P to armhole, CO 2, P across to other armhole space, CO 2, P to end

 Row 14:  K across

 Row 15: P across

 Row 16: K2, Inc 1, across

 Row 17:  P across

 Row 18:  K2, Inc 1, across

 Row 19: P across

Continue the skirt with a Stockinet Stitch to your desired length.  (Fewer rows for a short skirted dress, more rows for a longer skirted dress)


Row 1: Stop when you are ready to do your last P row, and instead of Purling across, Knit across

 Row 2: K across

 BO in Knit


Sew up back seam, add a button at the neck, and weave in (with a darning needle) a bright silk ribbon around at the waist.   This will close the dress at the waist, and provide a darling accent.