Materials Needed

Small piece of fabric for bonnet
Trim to cover bonnet back and brim
Silk ribbon for ties
Card Stock
Lightweight Fusible Web
Tacky Glue

Handy to have--mini clamps. I bought mine from Gail Wilson.

Click here for printable pattern

Step One

Trace 2 backs, 2 inner brims, and 2 outer brims on your fusible web.
Cut them out with a rough 1/4 around each line.

On the wrong side of your fabric, using the directions
that come with your fusible web,
iron in place.  Cut out on your drawn line.

Step Two

Set aside one outer brim and one inner brim.

Using the directions that come with your fusible web,
iron the other pieces onto the card stock.Cut out

Step Three

On the inner and outer brim only,  lay your set-aside pieces 
on top of the corresponding pieces fused to the cardstock.
Using the directions that come with your fusible web, iron them together.

You may need to trim after fusing to get an exact fit.

Step Four

Take the inner brim, and cut in the triangle points.
Fold at fold line.

Apply glue to the inside edge of the folded points.

(Picture does not show all of the cut triangle points)

Glue to the wrong side of one of the bonnet backs.

Center the bonnet inner brim on the top of the back. There will be some 
hanging down as shown above for the larger bonnet.

Take the other back, and glue right on top of this, right side out.

Trim any excess.

This is where the mini-clamps come in very handy!

Step Five

Spread a thin layer of glue to the outer bonnet brim.  
Glue under the back bonnet brim, as shown.

Let dry before moving to the trimming steps.

Step Six

Adding the trim is easy!

Place a small bead of glue completely around bonnet back.  Press on trim.

Next, add the glue to the bonnet brim, starting at the back.  The picture below
shows the trim glued on half-way.  

I only glue half at a time, as the glue tends to soak in quickly.

Step Seven

Because silk ribbon soaks up the glue and then leaves a hard spot, dab 
bits of glue around the top at intervals instead of a line.  Use glue sparingly!

Find the center of the ribbon and center it on the top of the bonnet.  Press down
very lightly.  After this is dry you can cut your ribbon to the length you desire.

There!  Extra trims such as flowers, feathers, etc can always be added now.