Miniature Hamburger

For this tutorial you will need:

Small amounts of clay in the following colors.
White--sesame seeds
Matte Varnish
High-gloss Varnish

Knife or razor blade
Paintbrush for gloss


Roll the tan bun color clay into a tube about 1/2 inch thick
If you are making this for a dollhouse sized doll, make it smaller.
If you are making this for a larger doll, make it bigger.
With the razor blade, cut two pieces as shown above.
The bottom of the bun is smaller than the top of the bun.



With your thumb and index finger, gently pinch the
top edges down rounded, while keeping the bun round.
Make sure it doesn't get bigger around than the bun bottom.
If this happens, no worries--simply cut another bun bottom or flatten the bun bottom a bit.



Take the green lettuce clay. Roll in into a pea-sized ball. Gently flatten
between thumb and index finger.
Next, gently pull on the edges to stretch the clay and make it look like a leaf of lettuce.
Put the lettuce onto the bottom bun.



Take the brown hamburger clay and form a ball about the size of a pea.
Flatten into a hamburger shape. Add it to the top of the lettuce.



Roll out the yellow cheese clay. Make it fairly thin. Cut a square, and place it on top of the hamburger.
Then, carefully, push the corners down like it has melted over the hamburger.



Take the red tomato clay and roll into two smaller than a pea size.
Flatten as with the hamburger. Lay on top of the cheese.



Place the bun on top. Gently flatten the hamburger between your thumb and index finger.
Roll the white sesame seed clay out very thin, cut into small pieces, roll into a ball in your fingers, and add to the top for sesame seeds, if desired.

Bake the clay according to the directions on your clay package.

When done and cool, lightly brush matte varnish on the bun.
Brush high-gloss varnish on the lettuce, cheese, hamburger, and tomato.

Have fun!

We did!