Fun with Fleece American Girl Dolls

Addy-Jane models the new fleece hat.

NOTE: Cut both pieces of fleece so the stretch is in the long measurement.
To figure this out, take your fleece, and pull from side to side.  If it stretches easily, this is the
stretch. If if does not, pull from top to bottom.  You'll be able to feel the difference.

For this project you will need:

7" x 13" Fleece (Hat)
2" x 13" Fleece (matching or contrasting)
10" (M/L) yarn to tie (does not show)
Darning Needle
Sewing Machine

 3" x 20" of fleece (Scarf)

Cut out the two pieces of fleece, with the long edge
being the stretchiest edge.  This will make the hat
easy to get on and off your Doll.

Set your sewing machine to zig-zag stitch now.
This helps the band of the hat to stretch.

Fold the 2" x 13" piece in half length-ways, and pin it
to the big piece of fleece.  Pin all three raw edges together.

Sew across in zig-zag.

Set your sewing machine back to your regular stitch now.

Fold the hat in half, and pin first at the band seam,
and then, measuring 3" down from the top.
Sew from the band up to the second pin.  

Cut up *about* 3" all across the top of the hat, to form the fringe.

I like to lay my ruler across the top of the hat to help me measure how far up to cut.

With the hat still inside out, sew with the yarn using a large running stitch
all the way around the top of the hat, just under the fringe.

Turn the hat right side out, and make sure NONE of the fringe is caught inside the hat.

Pull the yarn tight, and knot off.
I have found it easiest to turn the brim down around the hat to do this.


To make a matching scarf, cut a piece of fleece *about* 3" x 20", and cut fringe into both ends.
This is pretty flexible!  You can make it longer or shorter, as needed.