Felted Flowers for Bags

These flowers measure about 5" across when finished,
depending on how far you felt them.


I am making more of the felted bags for Christmas gifts--and was at my Mom's house when it came
time to do the flowers. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring a felted flower pattern. So--I made one
up myself! You are welcome to make these flowers to adorn any project you might make.

100% wool yarn
Size 10 Needles
Darning Needle


Cast on 5 with 2 strands of yarn.
1. Knit across

2. Inc 1 at 1st stitch, knit across

3. Repeat row 2 until there are 9 stitches on the needle.

4-8. Knit

9. Dec 1 at 1st stitch, knit across.

10. Repeat row 9 until there are 6 stitches on the needle.

11. Knit 2 tog. across, leaving 3 stitches. Run yarn through the three stitches, and tie off.



Cast on 12 with 2 strands of yarn.

Knit each row until you have a square. Bind off, leaving a string about 8" long. Thread string through darning needle, and with a running stitch, go all the way around the square. Pull tight to form a 'ball'.

I sewed the flower together before felting. When it is felted, lay flat and shape.

Have fun!