October 10—14, 2013 Event Doll Body
Created especially for the Resin Shoulderhead/arms/legs Event doll from the 
2013  North  Country  Hitty Retreat: Welcome to Hitty's World

©2013 Julie G DeGroat

Our Event Doll has a sweet, plump little body, and firmly padded legs.
Hey--much like our regular North Country Girls!

This box around the pattern needs to print out at 5" tall.  You may need to copy/paste
this picture into one of your picture programs, and adjust the height.

To begin: Cut out one 2 x 3 ½” strip (legs), Cut out one 1 ¾” x 4” strip (arms), Cut out body pieces.


Sew the two darts on the back body piece.  Sew the front to the back on the sides only
Do not sew the top or bottom closed.
Take your leg piece, sew down the long side, and cut exactly in half. 
Sew the arm piece leaving 1”  not sewn--do not cut in half!


Take the two leg pieces, and insert on the leg, lining up tops. With strong thread, use a running stitch
around the top in the groove of the leg nearest the ‘knee’ area. 
Tighten and tie onto leg.  Work the leg up and over the ‘knee’ area, so it is right side out.  Repeat for other leg.


Firmly stuff, leaving ‘about’ ½” unstuffed at top.  You will ‘rearrange’ the stuffing in the leg after the legs
are sewn into the body, so make it extra firm.  

Put the legs into the body, with the leg seams in the back of the body.
  Make sure that the feet face to the front of the body, and not the back.  Make the edge of the legs even with the bottom edge of the
body, pin securely, and sew across. 


Pull the body up.  Stuff very firmly, fold the edge over 1/8th inch, and  sew onto the shoulderhead.

Note that when you sew the body to the head piece, you will first hide your knot inside the body
to avoid unsightly knots showing, and then go back and forth from front to back through
the sew holes several times to make her secure.  You can also use a few small dots of
fabric glue under the arms to make sure the body doesn't slip.  Hide your end knot in the body.

To make the arms, you need to add one arm to one end, the same way you did the legs.


Note that the opening is NOT CENTERED. This is an important step.
Once this is attached, turn ONLY that arm right side out.  Stuff lightly to have the arms hang down more,
or firmly to achieve the look of the event doll in the top picture.


Insert the unturned arm side through the body. Make sure you have the arms on the right side! 
This is not ‘easy’, but it can be done.  Once you have the arm through, pull it tight against the body.


Attach the second arm .  Turn right side out through the previously created opening on the arms, and stuff firmly.  
 Tack the opening if needed, and pull the arms so they are even on both sides.
Tack the opening shut.

And done!!