Make a Corn Husk Dolly for Hitty

Some AGA students complete their corn husk dollies.


An acorn cap helps hold the hair in place.


The dolly on the left has hands tied off, instead of sleeves.


For this project you will need:
Dried Corn Husks/Shucks
'Silk' from an Ear of Corn
Glue (optional)
String (optional)
Acorn cap for hat (Optional)









Take three-four pieces of the husk, and bend it over in half, as shown. You will want a 'wide' piece on the outside.



Now, bend this around to create a flat front. The edges will be the back of the head. Fold small.



Tie this off. I used corn husk to do this, but you can use string. Leave the ends long, as you will need them in a minute. Set aside for now.



Take a long straight piece for the arms. The length should be what you want the finished arms to be. Wrap one wide piece around one end as shown, and tie off.

Note: the small piece of the arm inside the big open piece of husk is the hand.




Once the tie is secure, fold the wide piece down and around the arm. You will actually need to close this around so the arm is hidden and the hand sticks out. This makes a puffy sleeve.

Trim off the excess exactly in the middle of the arms, making sure not to cut the arm in half!

Repeat for the other end, which is the other hand.

Sleeves got you confused? Instead of making the sleeves, you can merely take three-four pieces of corn husk, insert them as shown in the next step, and tie off the ends. (Picture at top of page.)



Insert the arm and sleeve section into the body of the doll by dividing the body from front to back. Use the length left over from creating the head to wrap around the front and tie in the back. This holds the arms in place.

Trim the skirt to desired length.



Use some of the corn 'silk' to create hair. You can glue this on if needed. Trim the hair to desired length after it is on the dolly. If you choose not to use glue, you can either tie the hair on with a length of corn husk, or use the acorn cap to hold it in place.



An acorn cap completes the outfit!

You may wish to add a face, necklace, or other accessories.