Starlights and Peppermints Christmas Candies


Roll clay to about 1/4" tube, and cut in 1" pieces.
Make the center piece abut 3/4" thick.


Place the tubes around the center piece.


This is the tricky part-- you need to squeeze and pull at the same time,
elongating the tube.


Keep going!


If it gets too unwieldy to handle, cut off part of the tube, and just keep
squeezing and pulling on your smaller piece.


This shows you three stages of squeezing and pulling.


Keep going until you have a piece of cane the width of your
desired candy width. Do not roll! This will cause your cane to blend.

Cut off tiny pieces, and bake according to your clay directions.


I took the original Starlight cane, and added a red outer layer.
(I have also done this with green, with equally cool results).


Follow all of the above steps, and bake according to your clay directions.

Tip: leftover cane can be used to make candy canes!


Once baked and cooled, cover with a high gloss varnish for realism.





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