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Camp Piney Woods Official Camp Pattern
New for our 10th Anniversary Celebration

Camp Piney Woods Campers in their rain ponchos.
For this project you will need:
Sewing Machine OR Needle and Thread
9" x 12" Fabric (we used yellow flag material)
Fray Check (we used June Tailor FrayBlock)
Cord or String for Ties
Two Pony Beads

Cut out pattern pieces.  Make sure to place hood on fold of fabric, as indicated.
Sew hood to poncho.  Sew up back seam of hood.  Fraycheck all edges. We also cut
ours with pinking shears, to prevent fraying.  With your cord/thread (we used 6-strand embroidery thread)
make a running stitch all around the hood. Fasten pony beads on--and play!