Sara's BunHo Wraps
In Felt and Fabric


The measurements in this tutorial will create a wrap for a 2.75-inch Baby Bee sized Hitty.
To create a BunHo wrap for any doll up to about 7 inches, you can use the following formula:

Double your doll's height and add 1 inch for the large square(s) that make up the
outside of the wrap. Cut square(s) at or just over 1/2 this size for the pocket,
 and use your doll as a reference, as pictured, to make sure she'll tuck into the pocket when finished.

Felt BunHo
Instructions for BunHo wrap in Felt


Cut one 6.5 inch square and one 3.5 inch square from felt.
Softer, thinner felt is best for a small doll. I like bamboo felt and wool felt, but any flexible felt works nicely.

 OPTIONAL: Place the smaller 'pocket' square in one corner, and snip off a triangle
about 1.5 inches on the diagonal, if you wish. (Pictured below) This will shorten sewing time and
 the BunHo will fold more easily, but it's not strictly necessary.
 I used a square design on these for a long time, as pictured in other tutorial.




 First, using a blanket stitch or other decorate stitch as desired, finish the
inside edge of the 'pocket' as pictured. This can be done with embroidery floss, tatting thread,
or similar heavy decorative thread.  Then fit the pocket against the corner of the larger piece,
 and stitch around the outside edge of the pocket, attaching it to the larger back piece.

You can't stitch with enough thread to go all the way around, so this is a good time to stop and tie off.
You can use any excess thread to create a little decorative embroidery on the corner of the pocket if you like.

 Starting again in the same spot, and hiding your knot inside the edge of the pocket,
 continue stitching around the outside of the larger felt piece.

 OPTIONAL: You may wish to stop in the center of the opposite corner
and use the same thread to attach your button and ribbon ties.
If not, continue all the way around the raw edge until the outer border is finished.

To attach your ribbon ties and optional button to your BunHo Wrap,
turn over and stitch the center of your length of ribbon, about 18 inches,
 to the opposite corner from the pocket.

 If using a button, attach directly over the ribbon.
 You may wish to finish the ends of your ribbons with a knot or a bead.

Fabric BunHo

Instructions for BunHo wrap in Cotton Quilting Fabric


Cut two 6.5-inch squares and two 3.5-inch squares from 100% cotton quilting fabric.

You might wish to cut all four from the same fabric, or mix-and-match up to four contrasting fabrics.
The two larger squares will make the outside of the wrap, and the two smaller squares will make the pocket.

Tip: You can cut the squares out with scissors after tracing on the fabric with a pencil or pen and a ruler,
 but a rotary cutter, quilting mat and clear quilt ruler will make short work if you have them.

Place the two smaller squares with right sides together. Use a 1/4-inch seam allowance
and stitch two adjacent straight edges by hand or on a sewing machine. Clip the corner, turn, and press.

 Place the 'pocket' you have just created in one corner of one larger square,
with raw edges on the pocket matching the raw edges on the corner of the square, as pictured.

 Match the second large square to the first, with right sides together, and the 'pocket' square sandwiched between the two.

 Pin the edges, and stitch the outer edge with a 1/4-inch seam allowance by hand or machine,
 leaving a 1.5 inch opening on one of the larger squares' edges that does not overlap the pocket square.


Turn, press, and hand-stitch the opening closed with an invisible stitch.

Attach the center of your 18-inch ribbon to the opposite corner and
 opposite side of the wrap from the pocket. (If you're looking at the side with the pocket,
flip the wrap over, and stitch ribbon to the corner farthest from the pocket.)

 OPTIONAL:, you can sew a button over the ties, depending on the type of closure you use,
and you may wish to finish the ends of the ribbon ties with a knot or a bead.


The little 'peanuts' with Baby Bees inside.

How to fold the Felt BunHo wrap

Tuck the Baby Bee into the pocket.

Fold wrap up.

Fold the sides over.

Roll on up..... the top.


The felt wrap is fastened by wrapping both ribbon ties
around the 'burrito' in the same direction several times, then
 tying in a small bow anchored underneath the flower shank button.

How to fold the Fabric BunHo wrap

Tuck the Baby Bee into the pocket.

Roll halfway to the center.

Fold the sides over.

Roll on up.... the top.


The cotton print wrap is fastened by wrapping both ribbon ties together around the burrito
once or twice, then several times together around the wide, flat round button.