Cute Mini Chenille Stem (pipe cleaner) Bears

Supplies Needed:
1 Chenille Stem
3 Black Seed Beads OR Black Paint
Small Amount of Ribbon (Optional)

Tools Needed:
Needlenose Pliers OR Hemostat
Wire Cutters OR Old Craft Scissors

Step One: Cut the Chenille Stem into the following:

1--1" (ears)
1--1 1/2" (arms)
1--2" (legs)
1--3" (body/head)

There will be some left over. Save it to make another bear!



Step Two: Curl the ends of the ears, arms, and legs. You can use the needlenose pliers (or the hemostat, as shown in the picture) and curl the ends around to form a 'ball'. Do this on both ends.



Step Three: Fold the 3" body/head piece in half. Then, measure down 'about' 3/4" on the folded end, and bend it over.



Step Four: Take the ear piece and place it right up tight into the head/body fold. Bend the head down a tiny bit more to hold it in place. You may need to 'pinch' the fold closer together.




Step Five: Lay the body piece down, and set the arms and legs across it, as shown. Fold the cut ends of the body/head piece up and under the chin. You should use a dot of glue here to help it stay together.



Step Six: Fold the legs down, and the arms slightly down, to your own taste. Bend the nose up slightly to form the snout.

Either glue seed beads on for eyes and nose, or use black paint. You can now add a ribbon under the neck if you want.