Sara Cole Resins
Introducing May Bee

Queen Bee, with NEW May Bee

This is
, at this time a resin order for Baby May Bee only.

OPEN FOR ORDERS UNTIL April 16th, 2016

How to order your
Official Sara Cole May Bee Resin Casting.

Cost: $40.00 (covers your shipping and packaging fee)

 One Whole May Bee Set includes 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head/torso: $40.00  
(You will assemble and paint)
No additional Postage Charges.

$40 for the first
$38 each for every one ordered after

1.  Email and ask to be added to the list.

2.  She will reply, and tell you how/where to send her the money. (PayPal or check)

3.  Wait for our order to be made, and then the May Bee to be cast.

As soon as
the May Bee is cast and mailed to Julie, she will send you your May Bee!

Finish off and share your amazing Sara Cole May Bee.

The May Bee
have to be ordered first and then cast, and then mailed. This takes several weeks.

Picture One: Left to right: Queen Bee, Original Baby Bee, May Bee
Picture Two: Original Baby Bee andMay Bee

For those of you who already have the Original Baby Bee, you will be even more delighted with this petite version!
Hitty's little sister?  Hitty's dolly?  You choose!

This is the original wooden carving we plan to cast.
You resin casting will differ slightly in color/texture.