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February 1st--29th, 2016

We're Closed--Full Up!

Tiny Travelers, Baby Bees--FOR SALE

Tiny Travelers, Baby Bees--SOLD

Additonal Supplies for the Retreat Classes

Two Half-Pint Hittys in prototype pantaloons.  The one in peach belongs to Sara Cole,
and the one in blue and green is a helper/drawing prize for the retreat!
  She is an original recarve to remove a bubble on her chin, repainted by Sara as
 an original with freckles, brown hair, and green eyes.

Retreat Activities To Check Out

Miss Peach

It's a Hitty Quilt Party!

Helpers Viewed Here

Winner of the Early Bird Special drawing: Jenny R.

Tentative Schedule of Events

Behind the Scenes--the Making of a Retreat

3-Gift Exchange

Guest Artists

Virtual Meals for a Virtual Retreat
(E. Ann and Jackie--details coming later)

Free 2015 Ginger and Rowlf Paperdolls

Free Gingerbread Paperdolls

Free 2013 Hitty Rose Paperdolls