Supply Lists for the Retreat

Basic Supplies
Small and Large Needles
Darning Needle
Handsewing Thread
Straight Pins
White Glue like Tacky or Grrrrrip
Hemostat (the best tool you will ever have!  Not required, but really really handy)
Sewing Machine (most classes can be done by hand if needed)
Iron and Ironing Board
Toothpicks (best for spreading glue on small surfaces)
Wet Wipes or Wet Rag

Additonal Supplies for Classes:

Big Bundler Class

Embroidery Thread in several different colors (check your kit to choose your colors)
Bundler Kit

Basket Class
Bowl of warm water
Wet Wipes or Wet Rag
Basket Kit

Felted Hats Class
Bowl of hot soapy water
Small Towel
Felted Class Kit

Hard-Sided Bonnet Class
Wet Rag or Wet Wipes
Bonnet Kit