It's a Hitty Quilt Party!

Ok...but what is a Hitty Quilt Party?  The chance to
win it all!  Send JOC as many Hitty quilts
as you want--one to whatever!--to throw into the Pot.  Each quilt
submitted to the Pot gets you a ticket.  Each ticket is a
chance to be a winner, and win quilts from the Pot!
Winner(s) will be selected by a Random Number Generator.

We will divide the quilts into equal piles, depending on how many we receive.
For instances, if we had 9 quilts, it would just be one pot.
If we had 16, it would be two pots, and so forth.

1. Make a Hitty quilt of any color, any style, any regular size.  
2. Send it to JOC (address below)
3. She'll put it into the Pot, and number your tickets (one for each quilt entered).
4.  Wait for the drawing to see if you win your Hitty some quilts!

You may send your quilts to:
Julie DeGroat, Event Coordinator
42300 New Connecticut Rd
Theresa, NY 13691