October 10-14, 2013
And We're Done!  See our fun here!

Our Retreat Travel Doll

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In this retreat, you will be working yourselves silly,
painting, sewing, gluing, cutting, crafting and of course having FUN!
 (Fun is not optional. It is guaranteed!)

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Free Printable Gingerbread Paperdolls

Clara, Our Free Printable Paperdoll

Holiday/Winter Fabric Fling closed

NEW!!  Fabric Fling for the Retreat

 It will be at Wadhams Hall again!  For those of you just joining us, Wadhams Hall is a 'retired' Seminary for Catholic Priests.  All of the rooms are dormitory style, (2 beds per room) with communal bathrooms--think old (but very clean!) college.  There are a few 'suites' that will be available for anyone attending with a spouse.  (Wadhams Hall rules.)

Our carver is Sara Cole.  And she will also be giving painting classes for free!  We are  so excited to be able to offer this included class to you all.  All supplies will also be included in the event fee.

Our souvenir Hittys will come in resin, and there will be 'kits' to purchase if you want more than one, so come prepared!  That’s all you get to know about them right now.  But the resins will not be your standard Hitty!  I asked Sara to come up with a sturdy country Northern New York type Hitty and she has really come through.

Sales tables will again be free (no fighting for space here, this place is huge!) So feel free to bring whatever you want to sell (Hitty related, of course) and make your spending money on the spot. 

Helpers!  Of course there will be helpers!  Sara just donated a very special helper, and I will be introducing her at any moment.  At our first event in Northern NY, we had a very special helper who provided a substantial tip for the kitchen staff.  The Event Coordinators not only donated $1.00 for every ticket in this helper, we matched it so the final total was doubled.  The meals here are served buffet style with several choices per meal.  I can guarantee you will not walk away hungry! 

If you aren’t already a member, you might want to check out our Yahoo group.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/northcountryhitty/?yguid=434370818  If this link doesn’t work for you, you can just search Yahoogroups for northcountryhitty and join us there.

OH!!  And we mustn’t forget Clara, our official Paper-doll for this event!    While not a Hitty, she is a Hitty friend--and many believe Hitty’s hairstyle came from this type of doll.
http://www.julieoldcrow.com/northcountryhitty/2013/clara.html  You can use this link to print her out.  There’s also a link on this page, where you can submit your clothing designs for her!

Did you miss the official Paper-doll for our first event?  She’s still up, ready to print out for free!  http://www.julieoldcrow.com/northcountryhitty/paperdoll/roseindex.htm