My Judy Brown Williamsburg Hitty
From the 2004 Hitty Gathering
All information presented here was taken from the Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hitty Perserverance

Hitty Persey kicks up the heels of her fancy pink slippers, showing off her Colonial Stockings.
She is wearing the Riding Habit designed by Elizabeth Rollins.

Hitty Perseverance wears a delicate cap designed by Helen Booth.

Her Traveling Cloak, designed by Sandy Reinke.
Her Dress with Apron, also designed by Sandy Reinke.
This gorgeous dress, designed by Judy Brown, is even more lovely and detailed in person.
The Riding outfit and the Tricorn Hat designed by Elizabeth Rollins.

Her delicate Nightgown was designed by Helen Boothe,
and the Mob Cap she is wearing was designed by Sandy Reinke..

Her chemise was designed by Sandy Reinke.