The Real Hitty's Clothes

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"rosebuds on a dark plum color ground"

Plum Dress and Hat Made by Dorothy Lathrop
The hat is originally described as green velvet, so I would assume it has sadly faded.

"Hitty's pictures are all done now and I was quite as happy doing them as if I were sitting on the floor again playing with dolls. Even after the pictures were all turned in, I've gone on playing, for Hitty has a new dress now, of which she was in great need, for in the stress of posing, her original brown sprigged calico -- the one in which her daguerreotype was taken -- was splitting in several new places, and to have her go into camphor solely to preserve her dress would be needless cruelty. So I made her one out of somebody's great aunt's "all wool mousseline-de-laine" with rosebuds on a dark plum color ground, very flattering to her rather time-worn complexion and also a green velvet poke bonnet with pink roses against her face. I could have made myself a dress and hat", the artist continues "in the same time. Hitty herself looks very pleased -- but so she did too, when confronted by the snake charmer's cobra.... Thank heaven for dolls and dogs and children's books!" -----
excerpt from the The Three Owls article titled "Hitty's Odyssey" by Josiah Titzell, November 3, 1929. The reference to the dress according to the article is a quote from Dorothy in a personal letter to The Owls. The Three Owls was an article printed in the New York Herald Tribune.

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