From the personal collection of Julie Old Crow

This wooden/cloth doll stands 6" tall.

Her wig is made of papier mache, and comes off her head.


Her head has been painted underneath.



Their are no eyebrows painted on the doll, but her eyes are chips of something--broken beads?
They are not perfectly round or symmetrical, and look like chips of some sort of glass.


She has red dots at either side of her mouth, eyes, and red nostrils.
The whites around her pupils were added after the eyes were set in, because some
white paint is on the side of her eyes.


Her dress is completely hand-stitched in very tiny stitches.


Her apron is cleverly made!


Under the dress she wore a one piece outfit.


It was merely sewn between the legs, and then the legs were gathered.


Under that, she wore a one-piece cloth body.



Her head and torso were set into the cloth body.


She wore a covering on her body.


This was clearly hand-carved.


Her arms and legs were added by sewing the body around
a groove in the top of the arm (and leg)


Her feet are very tiny, and she wears black shoes with heels.