In the book HItty: Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field, illustrated by Dorothy Lathrop,
Hitty received many gifts during her adventures. I've attempted to create a comprehensive list,
but if I've left one out, let me know!


This list was compiled using the paperback edition reprinted in October 1990.

From the Book


Hitty's first outfit, a buff calico strewn with small red flowers, sewn by Phoebe Preble

Her chemise, with the name 'Hitty' in red cross-stitch, sewn by Phoebe Preble



Her cradle, made by Captain Preble in "odd moments".



A little rope hammock from the sailor Elijah.



A chip basket and a carved bone footstool from other sailors.

A sea chest of bright blue, "with proper rope handles at each end, and my initials H.P. picked out in shiny nail heads on the lid." from Bill Buckle, a sailor.



A splint basket (Hitty is placed in this when the Prebles are preparing to flee the burning ship.)



A house made from a Conch Shell, from Bill Buckle.



A temple "made of green leaves and bamboo shoots...trimmed with pink hibiscus flowers...furits and shells." from the natives on the island.



"..a lump of red coral ...hung about my neck on a thread of grass." from the natives.



A nutmeg from the monkeys.



"...a voluminous handkerchief of rich crimson silk with anchors and twisted ropes woven all around the border." from the Captain of the Hesper.



Her coral necklace, purchased by Captain Preble while in India.

India Muslin was purchased to make her a dress, but since she was lost, she never got it.



A "voluminous dress of cotton print, in a far from gaudy pattern." made by Thankful's mother. There is a ruffle around the neck.



A shawl made from a bit of sash from Thankful's dress.



Two outfits, one of brown sprigs on buff calico, and one of pearl-grey silk made in Quaker fashion, with a white fichu and a lawn cap, all made by Clarissa Pryce.



Outfits made from scraps of silk and muslin (no description) by Clarissa Pryce. A one-room dollhouse made from a wooden box, papered. A small box for a bench, also covered by paper.

"...tiny sheets of paper the size of a postage stamp..." made by Clarissa, and "...a quill pen out of a feather shed by a neighbor's parrot..." by her brother Will. The feather is described as '...a green so bright, with a touch of scarlet thrown in...".

A desk with a lid that lifted, by a visiting cousin.



A braided rug and a china dog. (doesn't say from whom.)

A picture of Adlina Patti, cut from a paper and pasted onto the wall of her dollhouse, from Clarissa Pryce.



Her daguerreotype, from the Daguerreotype-Artist, purchased by Clarissa's grandfather.



A poem, written by John Greenleaf Whittier. "Lines to a Quaker Doll of Philadelphia"



A sprig of jasmine, from Camilla Calhoun, sent in a letter from John Norton.



New clothes--"...the watered-silk dress with draped skirt, fitted waist, and innumerable velvet pelisse embroidered with garlands no bigger than pinheads...little feathered head and the muff of white eiderdown.."--made by Miss Pinch.



a set of " but plain things..." from a young lady Mr. Farley was painting. It had a brown-and-white china button at the back.

(Hitty is included in several portraits painted by Mr. Farley, but she doesn't get to keep any.)



The wedding dress made from the wedding handkerchief, by Miss Hortense and Miss Annette.



Ruffled petticoats made from muslin, from Miss Hortense and Miss Annette, with tiny hems and feather stitching.



A sweetgrass basket from Sally Loomis.



A plaid calico dress "...nothing more than a square of cloth with holes cut for my arms and a pin that stuck into me to hold it in the back." from Car'line.



An emerald green silk dress, when she was being made into a pin-cushion, from the Liberty Junction Ticket Agent's wife.



A dress of sprigged challis, in the style of Miss Pamela's childhood, plus a little yellow rocker.



A sprig of mignonette, from Molly (at the auction).



A little pine bench, a braided rug, a shell, and a four-poster bed from the Old Gentleman.


From the Illustrations, but not mentioned in the Book
(The following is from the Paperback 1990 edition, plus the 1930 Hardcover edition.)


Wildflowers picked by Phoebe Preble and Hitty.



A Patchwork quilt.



Pantalettes under the chemise.


74 (HC)

'Skirt' of wide leaves.



Included with her bridal outfit--a veil with roses, and a bouquet.



A bonnet with rose trims.


From Rachel Field

Person in Possession
Dottie Baker

Four-Poster Canopied Bed with Mattress and pieced silk quilt, and one pillow, a padded sofa, a tilt-top table, a dressing table, a screen, and undescribed pieces of small furniture, originally owned by Rachel Field.

Pictures of the Original Hitty seated on a model airplane, signed by Rachel Field.

The Stockbridge Library
Eight pieces of original clothing and her summer quilt. Her settle, desk, and a color portrait of Hitty in an old daguerreotype frame.
Bookcase Apartments, round table with tea set. Tiny daguerreotype set on top of a chest of drawers, mentioned by Rachel Field

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