TT 2 83

Julie Old Crow's Lovely Little Mystery Hitty

She is heavy, and her wood appears quite dense. Perhaps she is carved of ash?

Purchased on eBay September, 2006

If You Know the Carver of this Hitty, click here and let me know!


Her underclothes are like the Real Hitty's, with
the very round petticoat, etc. And she has
'Hitty' embroidered on her top.


The top is completely hand sewn except for the two side seams.


Her mouth is a single slit, over-painted, and her eyes are shallow cuts into the face, and then painted.
Her nose is not carved out at all, and is merely a line made with a light gray paint.
If you look closely at the upper right side of the forehead you can see a thin black line, that extends across the face.
This looks as if the maker was planning on making her hair come down further
on her face (perhaps to make the curls?) and then changed her mind.
She has a very sweet, innocent look!


Her head appears to have been carved separately and glued in place. There is a tiny amount of glue
around the top of the neck. The face is carved rudimentarily, with shallow cuts tipped in for the jaw line.
The very even line that separates the top of the hair from the bottom is perfect--which suggests that
this head may have actually been either turned on a lathe or perhaps an already formed wooden
candleholder or dowel cap or something of the sort. The very straight edge around
the back of the hair supports this notion.


As you can see from this close-up, the sides of the face are not carved out.
Also, there are no curls in her hair. And here you get a much better look
at the straight edge at the bottom of the hair.


Please note the maker's mark, burned into her back. It looks as if it is T T.
I am guessing this is #2 so maybe someone out there has #1, her sister!
And '83' is probably the year.


She is jointed with metal brads (pins? round-headed nails?) and her arms
and legs move independently. Both the arms and legs are thin and flatish.


Between each leg/arm and the body is a hand-cut leather washer. She is T-jointed for the legs.


Her arms are flat on the inside and almost flat on the outside and look
machine cut, they are so perfect. They are quite thin.


Her feet are carved very basically, and she does not have the traditional Hitty socks and garter.
The feet look pegged into the legs, although there is no peg visible at the bottom of the foot.
Considering the thickness of the feet, however, there could be a peg that doesn't extend all the way
through. The legs extend straight into the feet with little rounding or carving.


Here are her feet from the back.