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A growing collection of Hitty Artists.
If you have an artist Hitty you would like to add to our database,
please email me here!

If you have additional pictures for an artist already listed, we would love to add them to an existing page.

I really hope you consider helping us stuff our Hitty Artist database so we can have a working photo research page!
These pages would represent an invaluable resource to anyone trying to identify a particular Hitty.
We are looking for both experienced Hitty Artists, and Hitty Artists who may be just trying
their hands at carving.

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Please note: we do not endorse, sell, or otherwise recommend any of the Artists listed on these pages.
When available, a link to the Artist's web site may be provided. We cannot and do not contact any artists
or make any inquiries as to sales. We do not sell any dolls within these pages.
These pages are for research purposes only.
Please be aware: once you have submitted a photo for inclusion in the museum, it will only
be removed at our discretion. All photos submitted to us become the property of the museum,
and may not be copied or used in any manner except by us and the original owners.


Do you know who carved this Hitty?


Do you know who carved this Hitty?


Do you know who carved this Hitty?


Do you know who carved this Hitty?

Do you know who carved this Hitty?

Please take a look at the additional pictures for the Hittys above, and let us know if you know who carved them.

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Click Here for Names only, in First Name Alphabetical Order.

Glenda Shaefer
Cesar Trullet

Sabino Rojas

Tina Williams

Kathleen Brulc

Jennifer Pierce


Helen Bullard
Kim Howard-Johnson
Judy McPherson
Jane and Edward Evans
J. Hulvay (?)
John Atkinson

Susie Graber

 Rob and Valerie Kelley
Jill Hunter
Tracy Crawford
Unknown Artist
Susan Brauner
No longer available
Gail Wilson
.Polly Page
Expo Hitty
Susan Aye
Dave Stanbrough
 Brenda Amburgey
Michael Langton
Connie Hardt

Celia C.H.Caldwell
 Helen Gibson
Gita Ladd
Mary Lee Sundstrom

Sandy Reinke
Jennifer Carrier
Greg Broome
BCS 04/23/02 T.P. #3
Abbie Alvin
Clark Pitt
Joan Cousins
Carolyn Anderson
Harvie Farnam
Linda Master
Billie Aye
Nancy Hauk
Unknown Carver
 Maria Thompson
Wanda Wildrick
Nellie Davis

Barb Shillinger
Ae Jaiked

 Holly Mattos
Lillian Rexford
Vivian Bankston
Wendy Walton
Hanna Kahl-Hyland
April Queen

Gloria Young
Jill Sanders

 Nancy Elliott

Larry Tycksen
Paul Spencer


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