What We Need for Artist Entries

This is a growing resource of Hitty Artists.
If you have an artist Hitty you would like to add to our database,
please email me here!

I really hope you consider helping us stuff our Hitty Artist database so we can have a working photo research page!
These pages would represent an invaluable resource to anyone trying to identify a particular Hitty.

Please send clear photographs of:

Maker's Marks
Clothing (optional)

We need these photos to be no larger than 600x 600 (6" x 6") because, alas, we have dial-up. We just cannot download large pictures. Please send no more than 2-3 photos per email, and just keep sending emails until you have all the pictures you are sending, LOL. I may crop or resize photos to fit our needs. All rights for the photographs will remain with you. We will not use the photographs except as a resource on these pages, nor will we sell or distribute them.

We would need the following information included:

Name of maker
Name of Hitty
Name of Owner (Your name, if you wish to be identified.)
Date Carved (if known--may be on the back of the Hitty)
Type of wood (if known)
Type of jointing (elastic, wood pegged, or other)
Any special details you wish to include, such as where you got the Hitty, or any comments on her painting, carving, etc, which would help others identify similar Hittys they may own. Perhaps you want to mention that she is very heavy or that she has something special such as different boots, etc.

Web site link for artist.