Glenda Schaefer

Glenda's Auctions

She is carved from a nice kiln dried piece of Basswood from our local specialty wood working shop.
She is 6 3/4" tall, and put together as the traditional Hitty was with wooden pegs.
Her arms move in tandem as do her legs. She is painted with good quality acrylics,
and sealed several times with Painter's Touch Crystal Clear on her boots, stockings and hair (this has a high gloss finish).
Her body and face have a soft wash of flesh acrylic that I blended to look like she has the pale complexion
to go with the black hair (sort of like Snow White) & as closely as possible to the remaining bits of flesh toned paint visible on the original Hitty.
I then painted a coat of Signature Collection Clear Protector in satin finish on her face and body.
This clear is more natural in appearance and not too glossy.
It seals, protects and is very durable (non-yellowing & UV resistant).