Celia C. Hays Caldwell

Hitty Hays
from the personal collection of Celia C.H. Caldwell
Feb. 2008

She is wearing an outfit made by Fung Hicks.


I carved & painted Hitty Hays in a Janet Denton Cordell class in Huntsville, AL in Feb 2008,
with the Dixie Hitty Carvers. So Janet had A LOT of influence in making Hitty Hays.
I named her Hitty Hays, because if I have any carving/painting talent it came from my father,
Cecil C. Hays, and artist, musician and architect.

Type of jointing: wood pegged

Basswood, 6 1/8" tall

She is barefoot.
And I found shoes to fit her from Donna Frost at www.artdollsupplies.com .