Polly Page Hitty

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From the personal collection of Melanie Smith

"Hard to find primitive artist Hitty by Polly Page (she was a student and contemporary of Helen Bullard).
This Hitty is just over 6 inches tall, she has the same body style and metal wire jointing found on Helen Bullard dolls.
This Hitty has her original clothes sewn on her, with her name Hitty at the bottom of her skirt.
Polly Page's Hittys sold through Friends of Hitty newsletter for $350".--
Melanie Smith

"This is a primitive Hitty doll, this doll was hand crafted by Polly Page
whom was a student of Helen Bullard and Margaret Cambell at the Pleasant Hill Accedemy in Tennessee.
This Hitty stands just over 6 1/4 inches tall and is dressed in her original clothes that were also made by Polly Page.
Please make note of the heart shaped lace of her underclothes. She is fastened together with wire which is done in the Helen Bullard style.
Which is the way the Polly learned and continues to do today

Polly's hand carved figures have found homes all throughout the United States and 27 foreign countries.
Polly Page has been carving these wonderful dolls for 75 years, she was once visited by Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton
prior to making the movie the Dollmaker. Polly cellebrated her 89th birthday this past month and we wish her many more."
--Michael Huff



Photos used with permission from Susan, of the Sellers' Market / GR8DAYGIFTS



From the private collection of Julie Old Crow



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