Holiday Arrivals at the Studios

Hitty Petal normally would never touch incoming mail, but
Tippy was just barking so, and jumping up and down.
"Tippy, what's wrong with you? Stop now!" she scolds, but Tippy won't stop.


Tippy jumps from the box and, with a mighty yank, manages to rip open the top.
Hitty Petal gasps in surprise.
"Goodness, Tippy!" says Hitty Petal. "I think there are Hittys in here!"


Hitty Petal carefully helps one of the guests out of the box.
"Slowly," she says. "You must be terribly cramped!"


Tippy runs over to help.
"Thanks," says the guest. "It was a bit crowded in there."


"There's more inside," says the guest. "We've had quite a ride."
" Come on, Tippy, pull!" cries Hitty Petal.


Soon Hitty Petal and Tippy have the new arrivals out of the box and limbered up.
Tippy has taken a shine to the one with the sweet voice.


"We've come all the way from Littleton, NC." says Elf Boot Hitty.
"I should have known!" exclaims Hitty Petal. "My Person's Brother said he was sending along a guest.
We didn't know there would be three of you. What fun!"


The guests have also brought along a newspaper clipping.
"This is for your Person, but you might want to read it first," says Bitty Hitty.


Hitty Petal eagerly reads about her Person's Niece, Ashley, who has a new teaching position!
"I am so proud of her," says Hitty Petal.