Hitty Petal and a Bitty Bit of Patience
It's a well-known fact that my patience level is high--but it isn't high enough sometimes!
This New Bitty gave me a lot of trouble trying to string her, so I called
in the big guns--Hitty Petal! If anyone could convince New Bitty the stringing process
wouldn't hurt, I knew it would be her.


"I hear you've been giving us a bit of trouble here at the Studios," Hitty Petal said to the Bitty.
New Bitty grinned. "Nobody is sticking that old needle through my arms!"


"Is that what this is all about?" Hitty Petal tsk-tsked.
"I have a better idea. Why don't you come and meet my Hoppy Floppy Bunny?"


New Bitty allowed Hitty Petal to 'joint' her with a couple of pins.
Then she got acquainted with Hoppy Floppy.


"Monet had the station manager stop the trains as he
painted 'The Gare St-Lazare' in 1877.
" Read Hitty Petal,
from her favorite book, 'The Robertson Hittys Tour. Miniature Art Gallery',
by Esther Robertson.


"Would you like to try standing?"


Hoppy Floppy has seen something he likes!


"What a big girl! Too bad you aren't really jointed.
You could have such fun running around."


New Bitty leaned over and whispered into Hoppy Floppy's ear.
"So, what happens when I get strung? Does it hurt?"



"Not at all," exclaimed Hitty Petal. "First of all,
we use this very soft elastic for the stringing."
New Bitty felt the elastic. "I guess it feels soft enough," she said grudgingly.
"How does the elastic get through my arms?"


"With this needle," said Hitty Petal.
"Yikes! No way! That will hurt!"
"Will it? It isn't any sharper than the pins you have now,
and the elastic is a lot more comfortable."


"Ok, arms first. What do you think? Does it feel good?"
"Yes!" yelled New Bitty. "I love it! Do my legs! Do my legs!"


"Hey!" said Hitty Petal. "Come back! You aren't dressed yet!"
"I don't care. I want to use my new arms and legs."


Hitty Petal finally corralled New Bitty long enough
to dress her--and here she is!
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