Polymer Clay Projects
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Here is some prep work for Camp Piney Woods 2008!

Looking for information on Camp Piney Woods?
Check out my Hitty web site.

We are NOT ready to accept Camper Apps at this time.
Please check back at the AGA site for info when it is ready.

The tentative plan for CPW 2008 is Cooking Camp.
Mrs. Plum has graciously agreed to teach cooking skills to 10 lucky campers,
the family campers, and of course the students of the Ash Grove Academy.


Fruits will feature high on the menu--from fresh fruits to cooked!
All harvested from the AGA orchards and gardens.


Cherry Lattice pies and Strawberry Pies--all made
from fresh ingredients from the AGA farms!


Hams, anyone? Learn to present your foods in a pleasing and delicious manner.