The Underclothes Class
Class #1

The Real Hitty's Original Underclothes

Our Version

Hitty Petal models the undergarments.

The Real Hitty in her Original Underclothes, courtesy

In this class you will learn to recreate the Real Hitty's pantalets and petticoat with easy do-able instructions.


Class Fee: $15.00 (No kits available for this class--sorry.)
Instructor: Julie Old Crow

Register by clicking here. Once you have registered, you will be given information on how to pay for your class. I accept PayPal, Money Orders, and Checks. Registration accepted any time.

Once you have paid, you will be sent a supply list and patterns so you can have your supplies on hand ahead of time. The Online Location of the Class will be sent out on the day the class begins. I will need your address so I can mail the patterns.

Remember--because this is an online class, you can start anytime after you receive the URL for the class pages, and it doesn't have to be a Saturday. You can work in your jammies if you want--no need to dress up for us!

If you get bogged down or something isn't clear, you will be able to ask for help by clicking the link either here or on the class page.