Recarving a Polish Doll into Becassine

I decided to carve an old Polish doll into a Becassine. Linda sent me one she had, so I could try it out.

The first to go was her head.
I pegged a round bead on.


Here she is, all pegged
with her new head.


She played a minor role in our Traveling Dress Fun.


She got to wear it first!


Working on the hands. Still lots to do.
The feet are at a halt until I get some wooden shoes.
I also carved in to make a waist, so she can
wear her clothes better.
The wood on this doll is very hard to carve.


Her nose is pegged in place!
Thanks for the how-to, Kathleen.



She has a visit with some of her friends, all awaiting sanding.


Here is a little Becassine I received from Mary Ann.