The Crow's Great Balls 'O Yarn! Challenge

I'm appalled at the amount of partial balls of Wool-Ease yarn I have
managed to accumulate--all left over from various projects.
It's time to use them up!  Join me as I get rid of this mountain of yarn
in the upcoming year.  And hey--isn't it time you implemented this
challenge on your own yarn stash?  

And it begins.....

#1 Socks!
Bagged and tucked away in the Christmas box.

#2 Two Doll Hats and a Doll Scarf
I plan to put these away for next Christmas. I had a small amount of the pink
leftover, so I'll be using that in a future item.

#3 Making thick headbands!  
Scrap-happy Headbands for next winter--pictures coming when the 2nd one is finished.